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Let's Connect...

Discover more time. Feel more creative. Enjoy closer connections.

Marga Odahowski provides you with practical applications for achieving mindfulness and positivity in day to day living.  Workshops, training, and individual sessions help executives, students, and busy parents break through the noise to find a place of focus, making the most of opportunities to connect, collaborate, and work smarter.

A Hay House author and facilitator Marga Odahowski, MSE, has over 25 years as an educator and consultant specializing in three areas of health psychology: relaxation, mindfulness and positivity. She offers:

  • Interactive programs suitable for team building, offsite retreats, and management training.
  • Individual sessions that cultivate mindful living skills by teaching you to redistribute your energy and develop meaningful connections for work and life.
  • Keynote Presentations

Mindfulness goes Corporate

Research has shown that people who practice mindfulness have more mental clarity, are better listeners, and as a result make better decisions. Mindfulness builds the muscles of emotional intelligence and resiliency and creates more effective and inspiring leaders.

Here are just a few of the companies that include mindfulness training within their organizations.

Target, Atena, Google, Ford Motor, Kaiser, General Mills, Twitter, Facebook, ebay